Marinade Beef Kabobs

Marinade Beef Kabob Grill Kabobs 1½ lbs Thousand Hills Tenderloin Tips 1 lb baby gold potatoes 2 bell peppers (your choice of color)1 red onion
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Cowgirl Brunch Casserole

Cowgirl Breakfast Casserole This Cowgirl Breakfast Casserole is packed with eggs, bacon, sausage, cheese and veggies making it a hearty meal for anytime of day!
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Pineapple Glazed Ham Steaks

Pineapple Glazed Ham Steaks The perfect dish for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner! Easy to make and delicious flavor, sweet and salty! 1 lb Thousand
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Steak Fajitas

Steak Fajitas This recipe is great in a tortilla or in a bowl with rice. No matter which you choose, you wont be disappointed! Cast
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Carne Asada

Carne Asada Flank Steak, Cilantro, Orange Juice, and Lime... What a delicious combo! Grill 2 Lb Thousand Hills Flank Steaks3/4 Cup Fresh Cilantro (Chopped)⅓ Cup
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