Flank Beef Cut

If you’re in search of a good, all-purpose cut of beef, look no further than the flank meat cut. It’s fine for grilling, broiling, sautéing, or roasting. Another plus: Flank is an inexpensive, boneless cut with lots of beefy flavor.

Our 100% grass fed beef flank meat cut from Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed provides you and your family with a low-fat meal rich in nutrients.

Flank Meat

Flank meat comes from the animal’s abdomen, below the loin and sirloin. This primal cut is long and flat. The area contains a lot of muscle, used when the steer walks, so flank meat can prove tough if not marinated or cooked properly.

Flank meat is quite lean. If there is fat on the cut, that is an indication it was not trimmed correctly. This lack of fat means some tenderizing is needed. Because it is so thin, it absorbs marinade exceptionally well. Too many consumers overlook this versatile cut because it is so thin.


It is sometimes referred to as “jiffy steak” due to its quick grilling time. In France, it is known as Bavette steak.

What Is Flank Meat Good For?

Unlike other primal beef cuts, flank meat is not divided into smaller cuts, but cooked whole. When carving, slice flank meat thinly, against the grain.

Due to its thin cut and cheap price, flank meat is frequently overlooked as a good steak source. However, it is the cut used for London broil. The difference between flank steak and London broil lies in the cooking. The former is cooked whole, while the latter is cut into large sections prior to cooking.

While flank steak is similar to skirt steak, there are differences. Flank meat cuts are flatter and have more muscle fibers in them.  One simple way to tell the difference is by color. Flank steak is a much brighter red than skirt steak. That’s due to the large amount of blood flowing to this section of the anatomy.

Besides London broil, flank steak is a good choice for fajitas, Moo Shu beef, beef tacos, and steak wraps. Many Asian beef recipes call for this cut. Steak jerky is often made from the flank meat cut.

If you have leftovers, thin slices make great steak sandwiches, whether served hot or cold.

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100% Grass Fed Beef Flank Cut

When you order 100% Grass Fed Beef flank cuts or any other beef cuts from Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed, you receive meat from cattle raised in an environmentally friendly, natural manner. Our beef is free from antibiotics and growth hormones, and these cattle never consumed grain. They grazed only on pasture and forage, the way their systems were designed to. Order today from our convenient online store to have fresh, delicious meat delivered straight to your door. Take advantage of our money-saving subscription offers!

“All the benefits of grass-fed beef are ONLY gained when the cattle are holistically grazed for their lifetime.”

—Matt Maier, Chief Renegade

Our Stance on mRNA Vaccine Use with Livestock

Due to the increased  volume of questions about mRNA vaccines we want to make sure that everyone is aware of the following that is included in our protocol:

mRNA Vaccines: many of our consumers are requesting that we provide an update regarding our position on the use of mRNA vaccines for cattle in our supply chain. In the past, Thousand Hills has allowed the producers to determine what vaccines to employ, if any. However, in the case of the COVID or any mRNA vaccine, due to the experimental nature and lack of long-term studies, we are prohibiting their use until further notice for all livestock entering our supply chain until more can be learned of their effectiveness, potential side effects and potential need for such vaccines in managing livestock herd health in general.