We Bring You Locally Sourced Grass Fed Beef

Want to enjoy a healthy meal while supporting the local economy and helping the environment? When you shop Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed you are actually buying local grass fed meats.

Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed carries 100% Grass Fed Beef, all raised using regenerative beef practices from ranchers near you. This means that each time you purchase beef from Thousand Hills you are sourcing from a Thousand Hills rancher near you that follows our regenerative practices and grazes their cattle for their entire lifetime.


While the term regenerative refers to a specific type of cattle management, regenerate means regrowing and replacing. That’s exactly what regenerative cattle raising principles do. Rather than take from the soil and land, it replaces that which was lost via short-term, ecologically damaging cattle-raising methods. Sustainable is another word for this type of agriculture. This also ensures that your beef is not tainted with GMO grain feed that is bad for you, the cow, and the environment.


The difference in the quality of the product and the environmental footprint boils down to how the cattle are managed for their entire lifetime. Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed prides ourselves on offering 100% pasture-raised, Grass Fed Beef without any confinement feeding, GMO plants, or grain byproducts. Our cattle are always on the land, managed holistically, all while regenerating soil and grasslands.

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We source grass fed beef from your closest regenerative rancher

Most people realize the importance of eating foods grown in their area. Besides the economic aspects, there is less need for shipping and the resulting emissions from gas-guzzling trucks. When it comes to cattle, there is far less stress on the animal.


Local grass fed meats may cost more than the grain-fed beef found in the supermarket. Because they are not fed grain, it takes longer for cows to reach market weight. That is an additional year or more of food and labor. The Thousand Hills Regenerative Ranchers put your health and even the cow’s health and happiness before profits.


The use of antibiotics, growth hormones and the like produce faster weight growth, making the conventional beef cheaper, but consumers put those drugs into their own bodies after eating this meat causing numerous health issues.  Our Thousand Hills Regenerative Ranchers DO NOT use drugs, hormones, and other harmful practices.

Local Grass Fed Meat is Healthier Food

Buying our grass-fed beef helps your local Thousand Hills ranchers, which in turn helps to support your local economy.  These grass-fed cattle spend their entire lives grazing or consuming forage as they were intended to. They move continuously throughout the day. That is how their bodies evolved.  The result is a healthier, leaner beef. The meat is full of nutrients, including a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids. Grass fed beef contains more antioxidants, such as vitamins A and E, than the grain-fed variety. Antioxidants are necessary for combating free radicals that can cause cell damage and illness. Grass fed cattle are much less likely to become infected with E.coli and other dangerous bacteria.

A Healthier Planet is promoted through buying local grass fed beef

By using regenerative agriculture, ranchers and farmers can help reverse the effects of climate change and boost the land’s biodiversity. There are no pesticides or herbicides used on the pasture. No artificial fertilizers are needed, as the manure serves as a natural fertilizer. When you buy our local beef it has a smaller carbon footprint than other brands that source their meats from other countries.


Rather than keep cattle on one plot of land at all times, harming the ecosystem, farmers practice rotational grazing. This allows the animals to improve soil and plant health. While cattle graze on one section, other sections of the pasture rest.  This resting means native forage plants can establish deeper root systems. In turn, these deeper roots improve the soil’s fertility. It also helps the roots sequester carbon, keeping it in the ground rather than going into the atmosphere. That lowers greenhouse gas emissions, responsible for climate change.  Rotational grazing reduces agricultural runoff, protecting precious water supplies. Less erosion occurs.

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Order locally sourced Grass Fed, Grass-finished Beef online

Not everyone has access to local grass fed beef and Thousand Hills presents these people the perfect solution. That is especially true of those living in cities or suburban areas in which little open grazing space remains. At Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed, we offer the finest 100% Grass Fed Beef in virtually every cut sourced from the regenerative rancher closest to your area. This beef can be delivered right to your door.

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