The shank meat cut is among the cheaper cuts of beef, but that doesn’t mean it can’t make delicious and nutritious meals.

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Shank Cut

Located beneath the brisket, shank meat is cut from the leg above the knee to the shoulder or hip. The former is the cut for the forelegs and the latter for the hind legs. Because this area is full of connective tissue, the meat is quite tough.

The shank is a small cut compared to the other primal cuts. The shank cross cut is the only real cut, but it goes by different names. These include the beef fore shank and the beef Osso Bucco cut.

Shank meat is generally cut horizontally in thin slices. The cut resembles a steak with a leg bone circle.


Front Shank Beef CutShank Beef Cut


What Is the Shank Meat Cut Good For?

Because shank meat is quite lean, it makes good low-fat ground beef. It is used in stews and soups and dishes such as beef bourguignon. As a cheaper cut of meat, shank meat cut is found in cultural recipes across the globe. In Asia, it has long been a popular cut.

The Italian dish Osso Bucco translates to “bone with a hole.” That describes the shank meat cut. The dish is stewed in wine, carrots, onions, tomatoes, and chopped celery. Garnish with the gremolata, a combination of parsley, garlic, and orange peel.

Other meals utilizing shank meat include:

  • Cajun beef gumbo
  • Rustic beef soup
  • Best beef pho
  • Hungarian goulash


For best results, braise or stew shank meat. This type of cooking brings out the meat’s juiciness and tenderness. When stewed or braised, shank meat provides lots of rich beef flavor. It’s absolutely perfect for a crock pot.

Remember that the shank bone includes the marrow. Use it in soups or stocks. Try spreading the marrow on toast with a touch of sea salt. It has a rich, buttery taste.

Another plus: Remember all the connective tissue in shanks? That boils down to collagen, the body’s main structural protein. It is necessary for healthy skin, joints, and hair. The gelatin derived from beef shank bones is packed with collagen.

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100% Grass Fed Shank Meat Cuts

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