Short Plate Beef Cut

The short plate beef cut comes from the cow’s belly. Although ribs figure prominently in this cut, they come from the stomach area rather than near the spine.  The short plate beef cut is economical but quite tasty. It’s a cut with a high fat content.

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Short Plate Beef Cut

Why is this cut called a short plate? It received this name because the cut does not include the brisket.

The short plate beef cut consists of the inside skirt steak, hanger steak, and short ribs. Another term for the inside skirt steak is the outside skirt steak, but they are not truly synonymous. Both are cut from the diaphragm. The outside skirt steak is preferable as it is more tender, but both cuts are full of flavor.

Short ribs are also referred to as:

  • Barbecue ribs
  • Chuck short ribs
  • English short ribs
  • Fancy cut ribs
  • Plate short ribs

Perhaps they are most frequently just called “ribs.” Short ribs are either with or without bone.

The hanger steak is somewhat thicker but more tender than skirt steak. In fact, hanging tender is another name for it. Hanger steak is not often found outside of restaurants, and that’s a shame because it is so flavorful. Unlike other cuts, there is just one hanger steak per cow, so they are harder to come by.

What Is the Short Plate Beef Cut Best For?

Skirt steaks are cut thin. For top results, marinate them and sear over high heat.

Braise or roast short ribs whole or remove the meat and place it on the grill. Remove the fat cap and cut the meat into portions prior to grilling.

Because of its high content, the short plate beef cut is also used for ground beef. It’s a good choice for stir-frying and fajitas. Many cooks use the short plate for making beef bacon or pastrami. The latter comes from the meat around the navel.

Braising short plate beef cuts in cold weather makes for a comforting winter meal.

Learn More About Your Favorite Cuts of Beef

Confused about beef cuts? You are not alone. There are eight primal cuts and lots of sub-primal cuts. Maybe you would like to widen your beef horizons but feel a bit intimidated. Don’t worry – we can help!

Our guide to beef cuts provides information on all type of cuts and the best ways to prepare them. By becoming a more educated consumer, you can save money while serving meals featuring the finest in 100% grass fed beef.

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