Round Beef Cut

While the round beef cut is most often used for ground beef, that’s far from its only function. It is one of the eight primal cuts of beef, and several well-known sub-cuts come from this rear section of the animal.

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Round Beef Steak Cut

The round beef cut comes from the steer’s hind legs, thigh, butt, and hams. These are the largest muscles in the body. It is a less expensive beef cut and also quite lean. Round beef cuts provide some of the best value for family meals.

What Is the Top Round Beef Cut Good For?

Since the round beef cut derives from a part of the animal responsible for mobility, it is sometimes tough and muscular. That’s why marinating round beef is recommended for tenderizing. If not ground, most round beef cuts are prepared by braising, baking, or roasting.

Round beef cuts include:

  • London broil – A good protein source with little fat.
  • Bottom round roast – Also known as a rump roast, this is a large cut of meat, averaging 4 to 5 pounds. It is part of the animal’s upper leg’s outside muscle. Along with top round, used for deli-style roast beef. Makes good cube steaks.
  • Top round roast – More tender than bottom round, top round has no gristle when cut correctly.
  • Eye round roast – Very lean, with almost no fat. Because it can dry out easily, grilling is not recommended for this cut.
  • Eye round steak – This steak resembles tenderloin, but is tougher.
  • Sirloin tip roast – Also known as a round tip roast, slow cooking tenderizes this tougher cut into a flavorful meal.
  • Sirloin tip center roast – This cut consists of the meat from the kneecap to the femoral head.
  • Sirloin tip side steak – Lean and boneless, this cut comes from the meat running parallel to the sirloin tip center roast.

Learn More About Your Favorite Cuts of Beef

Along with the eight primary cuts of beef are many secondary cuts. Knowing where each cut comes from and the best ways to use it improves your cooking and appreciation of quality grass fed beef. Check out our guide to beef cuts and learn about your favorite cuts of beef.

100% Grass Fed Round Beef Cut

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