Tallow Premium Cooking Fat from Grass Fed Beef


Net Wt. 12oz

These products are especially important to us, as we thought long and hard about how we could possibly use more of the animal to make delicious products. Our Beef Tallow is made by using the fat/suet and can be used substitute for butter. Great for keto, paleo, and carnivore diets as a way to add more fat into your daily intake.  The perfect substitute for butter makes this a great option for cooking and baking. Our rendered beef tallow is rich in flavor with a great texture, you may even want to put some in your coffee!

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Weight 0.875 lbs
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Case, Single

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  1. sharman33@sbcglobal.net (verified owner)

    Amazing Tallow. So rich in flavor and makes everything you cook in it taste that’s much richer and flavorful.

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