Upgrade your Grass Fed to #1

Matt Maier, Owner & Regenerative Renegade

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Comprehensive Program

• Shelf ready, exact weight, multi-vac packages
• Extensive cooked line
• Value added products -bone broth, tallow and chili
• Shelf stable-jerky and snack sticks
• Complete boxed beef program

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Long Shelf-Life

Best-in-class multi-vac packaging delivers long shelf life

  • 20+ days on grind
  • 30+ days on muscle cuts
  • 50+ days on cooked items

Regenerative Practices Third-Party Certified

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Land to Market Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV)

  • 1st verified measurements of regenerative practice outcomes
    • Live canopy abundance, living organisms, diversity (warm and cool-season grasses, forbs and legumes, and trees and shrubs), desirable and undesirable plants, litter cover, litter incorporation, dung. decomposition, bare ground, soil capping, and wind and water erosion. Each of these indicators is significant to land health and the regeneration of farmland.

American Grass Fed Association (AGA)

  • Certification of animal raising, grazing, forages and welfare standards to completely certify Thousand Hills protocol

Born, Lifetime Grazed® & Processed in the USA

Our Regenerative Agriculture
practices support

Biological Diversity

Natural Resources

Soil Fertility



To nourish soil, plants, cattle and people by holistically grazing cattle for their lifetime.

Matt Maier, Owner & Regenerative Renegade