Vermont Grass Fed Beef

Environmentally conscious consumers always try to source their food as close to home as possible. Did you know that when you order grass-fed beef from Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed, it is as local to you as possible? We work with local Grass Fed Beef ranchers around the country. We always try to source locally, so customers receive meat from the closest Thousand Hills Regenerative Rancher.


Vermont is not a powerhouse cattle producer when compared with states like Texas or Nebraska. In 2021, this small state is expected to produce only 14,000 head. However, the Green Mountain state has a substantial advantage when it comes to grass fed meats as its climate is excellent for grass production.

Vermont Grass Fed Meats


In Vermont, cattle farms – they aren’t called ranches in New England – range from family farms raising just a few animals for sale to commercial operations with several hundred head. Local and regional demand for source-verified, organic grass fed meats is strong and growing.


The move toward regenerative agricultural practices in Vermont continues to accelerate. Not that long ago, after the Second World War, local, organic agriculture was the norm for Vermont farmers. They didn’t call it organic or regenerative agriculture, but it was the way farming had been done since the advent of European settlers more than 200 years earlier.


Since then, Vermont agriculture fell victim to many of modern agriculture’s ills, including the use of pesticides and herbicides, monocultures, and leaving land fallow over its harsh winter. The pendulum is swinging back, as more residents recognize the need to protect land and water resources and fight the battle against climate change.

Vermont Regenerative Agriculture


Achieving those goals means returning to that grass fed orientation for livestock and focusing on improving the rural economy. As with regenerative agriculture everywhere, those changes begin with maintaining healthy soils, eradicating run-off, encouraging biodiversity, and allowing cattle to graze as Nature intended during their lives. No overgrazing, but grazing based on the carrying capacity of the land.


Regenerative agriculture consists of more than not harming the land, in the way “conventional” agriculture does. It means improving the land by boosting soil health and eventually leading to a healthier farm economy and community. In a small state like Vermont, shifting to a regenerative model may prove easier than in other parts of the country.


Rest assured that when you order Organic Grass Fed Ground Beef or any other meats from us, the cattle did not receive antibiotics, growth hormones, or grain. Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed checks out each rancher to ensure they live up to 100% grass fed, grass finished standards to provide consumers with healthy, humanely raised meat.


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Order 100 % Grass Fed Steaks from Thousand Hill Lifetime Grazed and know that you are not just receiving a shipment of delicious, lean, low-fat meat, but doing your part for environmental sustainability and the local economy.  


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