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The purchase of local grass fed beef provides benefits beyond a nourishing meal. While beef raised and bought locally supports Minnesota farmers and ranchers, the land also benefits. With this holistic approach, herbicides and pesticides are not used. Nor are synthetic fertilizers. The constant movement of the cattle allows natural fertilization from their manure.

Minnesota grass fed beef cattle from Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed do not receive antibiotics, growth hormones, grain, or GMOs. They do not spend time in feedlots. The meat is healthier, as it is chock full of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids with less fat.


Minnesota grass fed beef


Minnesota Beef Production

Minnesota ranks 10th in the nation for the number of beef cattle. It is the state’s second-largest livestock sector. There are more than 20,000 beef producers in the state, with a total head of 2.42 million cattle. Beef cattle production totals more than $2 billion annually. However, most of those cattle are not 100% grass fed.


As of 2019, 410,000 head of Minnesota cattle were on feed, according to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.  Those numbers were down about 5% from the previous year. While it is hard to come by grass fed beef state statistics, it is possible that more Minnesota farmers and ranchers are seeing the benefits of producing grass fed beef and that may account for part of the reduction.


In a 2015 Minnesota Meat and Poultry Producer Survey report, conducted by the Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture at the University of Minnesota, 74 cattle producers responded. The majority were using production techniques focusing on pasture, grass fed, no hormones, and no antibiotics. That broke down to 72% raising cattle on pasture, 69% not using hormones or antibiotics, and 58% claiming formal 100% grass fed beef status. Just 9% were USDA-certified organic beef producers.


Many of these respondents ran smaller operations, with 44 reporting they processed fewer than 10 cattle for meat sales. Only two farmers produced more than 100 head of cattle, and their total made up 40% of all the producers combined. Both of these large producers had farms in the southeastern part of the state.


When in search of locally raised beef, for your health and that of the planet, seek out 100% grass fed beef.

Regenerative Ranchers in Minnesota

Grass fed beef raised using the regenerative agriculture method never eat anything other than pasture and forage. Traditional methods of cattle grazing end up depleting soils and harming native species. Regenerative agricultural principles enhance rather than damage precious natural resources.


Look for farmers committed to producing regenerative beef. Cattle live a natural life, free to indulge in natural behaviors. They contribute to soil health. Soil is aerated by the movement of their hooves. Because regenerative farmers and ranchers make sure land is not overgrazed, native grasses and plants can flourish. This provides habitat and food for native species.


Small local producers may sell beef in quarters or halves directly for those with the freezer space, as well as entire cows. While some farms sell individual cuts, many of them do not directly market smaller beef cuts but contract with companies such as Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed to sell their products. Additionally, some farmers have contracts with restaurants and grocery stores to supply grass fed beef. You may also live near a farmer’s market offering grass-fed beef along with produce.

100% Grass Fed Beef in Minnesota

Our grass-fed meats at Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed are sourced from 50 farms across the Midwest raising livestock through regenerative agricultural practices. All of our products are certified as raised using regenerative agriculture. Currently, our Regenerative Renegade™ producers manage 600,000 acres sustainably to provide us with 100% Grass Fed Beef.


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“All the benefits of grass-fed beef are ONLY gained when the cattle are holistically grazed for their lifetime.”

—Matt Maier, Chief Renegade

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