Missouri Grass Fed Beef

At Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed, we are committed to providing our customers in Missouri with local Grass Fed Beef sourced from our rancher partners closest to their location. You know how crucial regenerative agriculture is for the health of our soils and the planet. You want to eat well, but in a truly sustainable way. That’s why we work with a nationwide network of ranches and farms that are dedicated to practices that not only produce healthy, quality meat but also help to improve the environment.

Missouri Grass Fed Beef


Missouri ranks third in the nation when it comes to beef production, trailing only Texas and Oklahoma. In 2021, approximately 2.035 million cattle were raised in the Show Me State. Most of those cattle were not raised according to the regenerative grazing principles, but the number of regenerative ranchers and farmers in the state is growing.


Missouri Grass Fed Beef Map

The Missouri Farm Bureau lists numerous meat producers offering grass fed beef. Angus are the primary breed of cattle mentioned in the grass fed listings.


Thousand Hills ensures that every rancher with whom we partner meets 100% grass fed, grass finished Beef standards. Our customers know they are receiving healthy meat, raised humanely, from cattle that helped regenerate the soil. 

New Missouri Center for Regenerative Agriculture


The University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources recently announced the formation of a new Center for Regenerative Ag. Its goals include building more integrated approaches to regenerative farming and developing more resilient food systems.


Key regenerative practices include:

  • Use of more diverse pastures and use of native plants in selected pastures.
  • Using native plants in the overall farm landscape.
  • Integrated pest management with the use of biological control methods.
  • Providing habitat and food sources for pollinators and other beneficial insects.
  • Agroforestry practices such as riparian buffers, windbreaks and alley cropping.


Desired outcomes include:

  • Restoring degraded soils
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Increasing soil organic matter
  • Increasing microbial soil activity for more effective nutrient cycling
  • Protecting water quality
  • Reducing soil disturbance and preventing erosion
  • Improving resilience of the food system to extreme weather and climate change
  • Supporting the health, vitality, and economics of rural communities and farm families


While not every practice relates directly to raising beef, it is a holistic approach to growing food, boosting soil health, and increasing biodiversity. The future of the planet depends on more farmers and ranchers going the regenerative agricultural route.

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Ordering 100% Grass Fed Steaks from Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed means more than having delicious, nutritious meat delivered to your home. Your order reflects the fact that you care about the source of your food, how it was raised, and want to do your part in restoring soil and combating climate change.


The beef you receive is guaranteed free from antibiotics or growth hormones. These cattle were not raised on pastures treated with pesticides or herbicides, nor were they fed grain in a feedlot. Shop our convenient online store and save big with subscription orders!


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