Why It’s Better to Go With a Recurring Meat Subscription

Do you enjoy saving time and money? Do you want to feed your family well but economically? Do you find comfort knowing that your freezer is always full of delicious, nutritious grass fed beef? Those are just some reasons why it’s better to go with a recurring meat subscription from Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed.


All our meat was raised according to regenerative agriculture principles. That means the cattle were never fed grain, but were nourished solely on grass and forage. They never received hormones to fatten them up, nor antibiotics to prevent the diseases so prevalent in cattle living in crowded feedlots.

Recurrent Meat Subscription

Have your grass fed beef subscription delivered to your door each month. If you prefer a different delivery schedule, such as every six or eight weeks, that’s fine, too.


Burgers, steaks, roasts, chops, and other 100% grass fed beef choices are available by subscription. So are grass fed hot dogs, sausages, and beef jerky. All are high quality with great flavor. Whether you live alone or have a large family, there’s a subscription bundle that’s right for you. There are options to suit every type of budget.  


Recurrent meat subscriptions are offered at a discount from the price you pay when ordering the cuts directly each time. It’s an unbeatable value based on price alone, but even more so when you consider how a steady supply of healthy meat saves time and lessens stress.

Freezer Freshness

Our 100% grass fed beef items stay fresh in your freezer for an entire year. You never have to run to the store to select a beef cut if unexpected guests arrive or you want to change your meal plans.


All meats are flash frozen and vacuum-sealed prior to shipping. Grass fed beef contains more nutrients than grain fed beef, including essential omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins and minerals. Those nutrients are locked in during the flash freezing process.  

Helping the Community and the Environment


A recurring meat subscription goes beyond the personal benefits. By placing a subscription order, you are helping to support a community of regenerative ranchers and farmers committed to raising cattle holistically and humanely while rebuilding soils.


Regenerative agriculture focuses on soil health, reducing erosion and run-off, protecting water sources, and improving biodiversity. It eliminates the need for chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Regenerative agricultural methods help capture carbon – the primary driver of greenhouse gas emissions and thus, climate change – from heading into the atmosphere and sequesters it in the soil instead.


For instance, by choosing the Hobby Farmer monthly subscription, you help to regenerate 36,000 acres of U.S. farmland annually. Each month you’ll receive 4 pounds of ground beef, one roast, four premium steaks, and a package of a cooked or value-added product, such as hot dogs.  


More than the land of farmers and ranchers improves. It boosts their livelihoods, as well as the economies and health of rural communities. Farmers and ranchers do not have to purchase expensive and potentially dangerous chemicals to control pests and weeds. They and their workers no longer run the substantial health risks connected with exposure to these harmful chemicals.

100% Grass Fed Beef Subscriptions


Wouldn’t a recurrent meat subscription make your life easier while saving money? The 100% grass fed beef recurrent meat subscription available from Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed includes the Hobby Farmer, at $99 for the first order and $99 on the first of each month. The Restorative Rancher bundle is $199 for the initial order and $199 on the first of the month thereafter, while the Regenerative Renegade subscription bundle is $299 for the first order and $299 on the first of the month. Each example is a savings of $10 over a single order of each bundle.


Love burgers? The large grass fed ground beef subscription bundle starts at $59.99 per month. The small grass fed ground beef subscription bundle is just $30.99 a month. Keto Blend and Renegade Blend Organ and Ground Beef subscriptions are also available.

We deliver nationwide. All meats are sourced from the location closest to the delivery destination. You can change your order or cancel your subscription any time.

Free shipping on orders over $199!

Our Stance on mRNA Vaccine Use with Livestock

Due to the increased  volume of questions about mRNA vaccines we want to make sure that everyone is aware of the following that is included in our protocol:

mRNA Vaccines: many of our consumers are requesting that we provide an update regarding our position on the use of mRNA vaccines for cattle in our supply chain. In the past, Thousand Hills has allowed the producers to determine what vaccines to employ, if any. However, in the case of the COVID or any mRNA vaccine, due to the experimental nature and lack of long-term studies, we are prohibiting their use until further notice for all livestock entering our supply chain until more can be learned of their effectiveness, potential side effects and potential need for such vaccines in managing livestock herd health in general.