Grass Fed Beef Brisket Bacon

100% Grass Fed Regenerative Beef, water, cane sugar, brown and maple sugar, sea salt, celery juice powder and cherry powder.


Cattle raised with no added hormones, no antibiotics, no grain, no grain byproducts – Ever.
Bacon contains no preservatives, no nitrates, no nitrites, no soy, no MSG.

This product is exactly how it sounds, your favorite bacon- but beef instead of pork! Whole muscle sliced from the brisket for the perfect Sunday breakfast item! Just a heads up, this bacon does not get as crispy as the pork bacon you are probably used to eating- but flavor wise you will not be disappointed!

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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions N/A

Case, Single

3 reviews for Grass Fed Beef Brisket Bacon

  1. Karen Maxwell (verified owner)

    This grass fed beef bacon was simply delicious and tender. Better than any store bought beef bacon.

  2. Tammy Legatt-Johnson (verified owner)

    I had never heard of beef bacon before and was a little hesitant to try it. So glad we did! The flavor is great and you can eat the whole piece (with pork bacon we would discard the large tallow pieces).
    Checked out as a guest my first order and just made an account to submit another order. Great people in the office and we really appreciated the complimentary chili (yet to have) and jerky (= delicious).

  3. Ashley Huber (verified owner)

    Our family loves this beef bacon. We don’t eat pork and this is a great option. The flavor is a smoky bacon party in my mouth! The bacon thickness is just right, not too thick and not a thin piece of paper. I appreciate having beef bacon to add to our favorite dishes or just to have a slice with breakfast. Great product!

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mRNA Vaccines: many of our consumers are requesting that we provide an update regarding our position on the use of mRNA vaccines for cattle in our supply chain. In the past, Thousand Hills has allowed the producers to determine what vaccines to employ, if any. However, in the case of the COVID or any mRNA vaccine, due to the experimental nature and lack of long-term studies, we are prohibiting their use until further notice for all livestock entering our supply chain until more can be learned of their effectiveness, potential side effects and potential need for such vaccines in managing livestock herd health in general.