Oregon Grass Fed Beef

As an educated consumer, you are committed to buying sustainable food raised nearby. At Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed, we share this commitment to supporting the local farm and ranch economy. That is why our Oregon customers always receive meat delivered from the closest Thousand Hills Regenerative Rancher. Since we partner with ranchers and farmers nationwide, our sourcing revolves around local Grass Fed Beef as much as possible.


Our Regenerative Renegade Ranchers, stewards of the land, are those implementing the Thousand Hills regenerative grazing and agricultural practices. Rotational grazing allows native grasses to thrive and increases diversity of plants, wildlife, and crucial microbes.  Rather than rely on fertilizers, the nutrient-rich manure naturally boosts soil health. Chemical pesticides and herbicides are not used. Ranchers engage in low or no-tillage.


Besides healthier soils, cleaner water, and less carbon released into the atmosphere – a driving force behind global warming – regenerative agriculture can build a healthy local farm economy. When more carbon is sequestered in the roots and tissues of plants, less of it heads into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide or methane. Farmers and ranchers prosper while helping the environment and positively impacting consumer health.


Oregon Grass Fed Meats


Oregon’s cattle industry is its top agricultural commodity. As of 2021, there are approximately 525,000 cows in the state. Of course, most of those cattle are raised using conventional rather than regenerative agricultural practices, but there are a significant number of Oregon ranchers and farmers raising grass fed beef.


Oregon Grass Fed Beef Map

In Oregon, the bulk of cattle ranching takes place in the eastern and southern parts of the state. Major cattle-producing counties include Malheur, Morrow, Harney, Klamath, and Lake. The Willamette Valley is another area known for cattle ranching. 


In the summer of 2021, Oregon experienced record heat waves in which temperatures climbed as high as 116° Fahrenheit. Climate change is severely affecting the formerly temperate Pacific Northwest. Mitigation factors, necessary to save the Earth and future generations, include regenerative agriculture. Conventional agriculture and industrialized meat production damage the soils and throw Nature out of balance.


Grazing lands replenished through regenerative grazing appear visibly improved compared to those still relegated to conventional grazing. The constant surveys performed by regenerative ranchers and farmers confirm what the eye sees. Microbial activity in the soil is monitored, as are plant species and changes in their mix. 


At Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed, we make sure each rancher with whom we partner lives up to 100% grass fed, grass finished Beef standards so that consumers know they are ordering healthy, humanely raised meat.


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Order 100 % Grass Fed Steaks from Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed and take control of your own health while helping to save the planet. Your meat order is tasty and completely free from hormones and antibiotics. The animals never consumed grain and spent their lives grazing and roaming, as cattle were designed to do.  Shop our online store today and save big with subscription orders!


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