Colorado Grass Fed Meats

At Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed, we make sure that our Colorado customers receive local Grass Fed Beef sourced from the Regenerative Rancher closest to their location. We partner with cattle ranchers and farmers across the nation, all of whom are dedicated to land regeneration for the future of their families and the planet.


Cows evolved to eat grass. That’s why cattle raised only on grass produce meat that is leaner and lower in cholesterol. The beef contains more essential omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins C and E, beta-carotene, and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). The latter is a “good fat” that may combat cancer and other serious diseases. Eating Colorado grass fed meats is a healthy choice for the consumer and the land.


Colorado Grass Fed Beef


In Colorado, beef is the number one agricultural product, with 2.7 million cattle. The bulk of these cattle are still raised conventionally, which means not only that they are grain finished in feedlots, but receive antibiotics and growth hormones to boost weight gain. Still, the trend toward regenerative ranching is growing in the Centennial State.


Colorado Grass Fed Beef Map

More ranchers are embracing the way ruminants naturally evolved with grasslands. Not long ago, millions of bison roamed these lands. As they grazed, their hooves trampled the soil, aerating it and spreading seeds. Their manure fertilized the soil. Water was retained, as was soil carbon in the plant material. The result was a healthy ecosystem where native plants and animals thrived.


Big agriculture changed that natural dynamic. Industrialized cattle raising relies on cramming animals into feedlots, where they are fattened on cheap diets consisting primarily of grain. All of that feed requires huge amounts of monocultured cropland to keep it going. Rather than serve as natural fertilizer, the manure is collected in tremendous pools, potentially harming waterways and seeping into groundwater.


All of that is a major driver of greenhouse gases and climate change. The use of regenerative agricultural practices can reverse this dependence on the industrial food system that is damaging the lands that feed us.  


Feedlot cattle are stressed. They often suffer from ailments directly related to their confinement and diet. That’s where antibiotic use comes in. Feedlot cattle receive low daily doses of antibiotics to keep the disease level down. Those medications are passed on in the meat. 


Grass fed cattle live as nature intended. 


Thousand Hills ensures that all of our ranching partners meet our 100% grass fed, grass finished Beef standards. Our consumers are always provided with healthy, humanely raised meat.


Order 100% Grass Fed Beef, Burgers, and Steaks Online

Ordering 100% Grass Fed Steaks from Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed brings nutritious, delicious meats to your door. You’ll also find 100% Grass Fed ground beef and burger, beef jerky and sticks, beef hot dogs, pre-cooked meats, and much more.


No hormones. No antibiotics. No confinement.  No grains – ever. That’s the Thousand Hills promise to our customers. Enjoy wonderful meals knowing you are voting with your food dollars to regenerate the earth and save the planet. Feel good about sustainably feeding your family. 

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