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Actually, Raising Beef Is Good for the Planet

Nicolette Hahn Niman - Wall Street Journal

Despite environmentalists’ worries, cattle don’t guzzle water or cause hunger—and can help fight climate change.

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A Carbon Friendly Beef Enterprise - is it possible?

Christine Jones, PhD -

There are many misconceptions surrounding the contribution of livestock to climate change. The United Nations publication, ‘Livestock’s Long Shadow’ (1), resulted in calls from around the world for reduced meat consumption on the basis that livestock were a major contributor to greenhouse gases. Concerns have also been expressed that meat consumption has a detrimental effect on human health.

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How to green the world's deserts and reverse climate change

Allen Savory

Antibiotic-Resistance Genes Found in Cow Manure

Dr. Mercola -
May 07, 2014

Your immune defenses are key in protecting you from all disease, including cancer, toxic poisons, infections, inflammation, and even the ravages of aging. What many fail to realize is that your immune system actually begins in your gut, and that maintaining optimal intestinal health is paramount in the fight against both acute and chronic disease.

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'Why' Can Cows Save The Planet.

Judith D. Schwartz

In Cows Save the Planet, journalist Judith D. Schwartz looks at soil as a crucible for our many overlapping environmental, economic, and social crises. Schwartz reveals that for many of these problems-climate change, desertification, biodiversity loss, droughts, floods, wildfires, rural poverty, malnutrition, and obesity-our ability to turn these crises into opportunities depends on how we treat the soil.

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Can Cows Save The Planet?

Alicia Miller - Sustainable Food Trust
January 10, 2014

Conventional thinking on climate change tells us that increasing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are a critical driver behind our changing weather patterns. It’s all about that Keeling Curve, which maps the increasing amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and its inexorable climb upwards.

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The Truth About Grassfed Beef

John Robbins - Food Revolution Network
December 19, 2012

A lot of people today, horrified by how animals are treated in factory farms and feedlots, and wanting to lower their ecological footprint, are looking for healthier alternatives. As a result, there is a decided trend toward pasture-raised animals.

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THCC 100% Grass Fed Beef - Review

Katie - Girls Just Want To Go Green
January 6, 2014

I’ve been buying Laura’s Lean Beef for a while now, but I’ve recently switched to Thousand Hills Cattle Company beef because it is 100% grass fed…and boy is it delicious!

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The Surprising Healing Qualities ... of Dirt

Daphne Miller - Yes! Magazine
December 6, 2013

A doctor discovers exposure to healthy farm soil holds keys to healthy bodies.

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Lots Of U.S. Grass-Fed Beef Comes From Down Under

Dan Charles - The Salt
October 3, 2013

Australian grass-fed beef is often cheaper than domestic grass-fed beef and available year-round.

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5 GMO Myths Busted

James Corbett - The Corbett Report
August 19, 2013

Every year, a greater and greater percentage of our food supply sources back to genetically modified ingredients. Monsanto, Dow, Bayer, DuPont and the other biotech giants have made GMOs into a multi-billion dollar industry and unsurprisingly have launched one of the largest pr campaigns in the history of the food industry to convince the public that their products are safe, healthy and beneficial. Let’s examine five of the main claims of this PR campaign and see how they stack up to reality.

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Grocery Shopping 101

Rajiv Narayan - Upworthy
July 18, 2013

You Can Forget One Or Two Things On The Grocery List, But You NEED To Remember This.

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Why I'm Not A Vegan

Kristen - Food Renegade
July 8, 2011

Oh, there are too many reasons to go into them all here. The one I want to explore today, though, isn’t about health or wellness or tradition. It’s about life. It’s about the undeniable truth that all life comes from death. Many turn to veganism in an attempt to "do no harm." A lovely, poetic, beautiful idea. Those who embrace it through veganism want their life to be from that which is freely given; they don’t want to know, deep down, that their own place in this world came at the cost of another sacred life.

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